Universiade athletes are loving this Taiwanese treat

The China Post
Date: August 23, 2017
By: The China Post

The 2017 Taipei Universiade is bringing together athletes from over 50 countries to


Taiwan, known as the “kingdom of food.” In the Athletes’ Village, over 90 percent of the food is sourced from this kingdom. Taiwanese pepper popcorn chicken has proven to be the most popular menu item, with over 100 kilograms consumed every day, followed by beef noodles in a close second. Athletes eat about 900 bowls of beef noodles a day, an impressive 90 kilograms, officials said.

The Universiade’s catering team on Wednesday gave an insider’s look into what the athletes were eating and how these foods were being prepared. The team includes Da-cheng Qu, director of the Universiade’s department of food and beverage; Australia’s Global Hospitality Group CEO Peter Wright; Zhang-fang Wu, chef of Asian cuisine in the Athletes’ Village Canteen; and opening/closing ceremony catering partners Imperial Hotel Taipei, its executive chef Shi-qi Lai and its chef of Western cuisine Zhi-wen Lin.    [FULL  STORY]

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