University raises food safety awareness with refurbished food court

Taiwan News
Date: 2016-05-10
By: George Liao

The “Gourmet Rhythm I-Mei Food Court” on the campus of Fu Jen Catholic University 6753657reopened on Monday after sitting idle since the last contractor terminated operation last year. University president Chiang Han-sun said during the inauguration on Tuesday that the introduction of a food court run by I-Mei, a food company with an excellent record of food safety, is the school’s first step towards raising food safety awareness on campus.

The food court is a compact one with four stores—I Mei’s Luis Kitchen and catering services Ban Doh, Family Mart, tea and drink vendor Licha FRUCHT, and bento box and noodles vendor Eating Is Power.

Before the inauguration ceremony, a nearly houseful of students were already sitting in groups in the food court, eating and talking. The food court has been facilitated and redecorated by I-Mei into a clean, comfortable environment that exudes an artistic feeling. Looking through the windows on one side of the food court is a garden with many old and flourishing banyan trees, a view that conveys a strong sense of peace and relaxation.

A freshman surnamed Chiu said he liked the food court because sitting there made him feel like he was having afternoon tea at a pleasant place, unlike some other restaurants where he just wanted to eat and then head out. Besides the environment, students are also concerned about price and food safety, Chiu said. The prices at the new food court are reasonable to him, and I-Mei put him at ease on the issue of food safety, he said. What is even better is that it is close to the dormitory he lives in, he added.     [FULL  STORY]

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