Untamed flavours : The taste and terroir of Taiwan

Malay Mail
Date: 29 Dec 2020
By: Kenny Mah

A taste of Taïrroir: Cabbage potage with ‘sakura’ shrimp. – Pictures by CK Lim

TAIPEI, Dec 29 — Can a single dish invoke the very spirit of a nation, the flavours of its terrain, be it land or sea? Can a single egg?

Perhaps if that egg is laid by a Silkie hen, a breed of chickens renowned for their fluffy white plumage and black skin. If soup made from Silkie meat is prized for its curative properties, what more its eggs, orbs of nourishment and healing?

When a Silkie egg is marinated in fragrant pu’er tea and then boiled at a precise 62 degrees Celsius, it becomes a revelation.

Its adornments are no less exquisite: Creamy congee. Luxurious taro purée. A coral tuile made from buckwheat, its lacy expanse decorated with specks of Taiwanese smoked ham.

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