US Can Take Down the Chinese Regime in 3 Ways, Says Taiwan Economist

Epoch Times
Date: August 19, 2020
By: Wu Minzho

The American Institute in Taipei, Taiwan in this undated photo. (Chen Baizhou/The Epoch Times)

As the United States continues to intensify its efforts of restraining the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), relations between the two countries have worsened. According to Taiwanese economist Wu Jialong, the United States will be able to “drive the CCP to its death” in three ways by denying political legitimacy to the regime. To accomplish this, the United States’ “top priority” is to restore diplomatic relations with Taiwan, formally known as the Republic of China (ROC).

In an interview with the Chinese language Epoch Times, Wu said the United States is dealing with the CCP on all fronts, including economic interests, national security, and ideology. As to how the United States can actually bring the CCP down, Wu suggested three possible approaches:

  1. Not to recognize the CCP’s political legitimacy and removing its sovereign immunity;
  2. allowing the American people to file a class action lawsuit against the CCP and start claiming compensation for the damages caused by the CCP virus (novel coronavirus) pandemic;
  3. defining the CCP as a terrorist organization and a criminal group.

Of these three approaches, the most important one is to deny the CCP political legitimacy, Wu said. This includes abolishing the “one China policy” and replacing it with a “two China policy,” and restoring diplomatic relations with Taiwan.    [FULL  STORY]

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