US-China tension not rooted in Taiwan issue: AIT chairman

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 21 June, 2019
By: Leslie Liao

American Institute in Taiwan Chairman James Moriarty says that Taiwan is not the biggest issue in US-

AIT Chairman James Moriarty

China ties. Moriarty was speaking at an Asian policy forum held in Washington, DC on Wednesday.

Moriarty says that the main reason for deteriorating relations between the two sides is China’s desire to drive the US out of Asia and become the dominant force in the region.

Beijing’s claims that Taiwan is at the root of US-China tensions, however, add value to Taiwan’s strategic position within the First Island Chain. Moriarty says that for this reason, Taiwan’s security is of utmost importance to the US in maintaining regional stability and freedom.

Leading Wednesday’s forum was Roy Kamphausen, Senior Vice President for Research at the National Bureau of Asian Research. After the forum, Kamphausen told Voice of America that Beijing cannot directly ask the US to abandon its influence in Asia. Therefore, he said Beijing works to further its goals by placing a focus on the Taiwan issue and its One China Policy.

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