US deal with Taiwan may trigger China-US military conflict

Global Times
Date: 2020/3/7
By: Yang Sheng

Taiwan Photo:Xinhua

To provoke China by playing the “Taiwan card” is not only a strategic approach of the US approved by both Republicans and Democrats, but is also a “dirty business” between Taiwan separatists and US politicians that serves the interests of US defense contractors at the expense of peace and stability in the West Pacific region, said analysts on Saturday.

The draft bill titled "Taiwan Allies International Protection and Enhancement Initiative Act of 2019," or TAIPEI 2019, was passed with a unanimous vote by the US House on Wednesday.

The US Congress has passed several Taiwan-related enabling acts in recent years, including Taiwan Travel Act in 2018 and Taiwan Assurance Act of 2019.

This kind of trick is played frequently by US politicians to provoke China as it costs nothing and can cost Taiwan a fortune by selling weapons to the island, said Li Xiaobing, an expert on Taiwan affairs at Nankai University in Tianjin. “Not only the US Congress and politicians, but also US defense contractors want to get a share in this game.”    [FULL  STORY]

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