US has altered its Taiwan arms sales policy: Military analyst

RAND Corporation analyst says US wants to turn Taiwan into 'indestructible fortress'

Taiwan News
Date: 2020/10/15
By: Kelvin Chen, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Taiwanese tanks in Pingtung County during the 36th annual Han Kuang military exercise.  (AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Derek Grossman, a senior defense analyst at the Washington, D.C.-based think tank RAND Corporation, stated that he believes the U.S. has significantly changed its policy on arms sales to Taiwan.

Grossman stated that the U.S. has sold many different types of weapons to Taiwan in the past to enhance its asymmetric defense capabilities, and sometimes these included "iconic” arms such as F-16 fighters. However, he noted that the U.S. has clearly adjusted its approach to arms sales to Taiwan, Deutsche Welle reported.    [FULL  STORY]

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