US relations with PRC and Taiwan in a time of ‘plague’: William Stanton

What will it take for the US to truly confront PRC?

Taiwan News
Date: 2020/04/01
By: William A. Stanton, Taiwan News, Contributing Writer

(Getty Image photo)

The United States’ relations with the PRC have inexorably but inevitably worsened since the accession to power of Xi Jinping (習近平) in 2012.

We have witnessed the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) increasing arrogance and aggression both at home and abroad; its imprisonment of a million or more Uighurs in labor camps; its crackdown on democracy in Hong Kong; its suppression of all unorthodox views on domestic issues; its arrest of foreigners as hostages; and its clear ambition to upend the global economic and security order that the U.S. established at the end of World War II—from which the Chinese government itself benefitted.

PRC’s tactics have included bullying of other countries; seizure of islands and their militarization in the South China Sea; debt traps for poor countries; taking control of the UN agencies; blatant espionage directed at U.S. bases and elsewhere; the expulsion of U.S. journalists working for the most prominent newspapers in America; efforts to reshape the worldwide internet in accordance with CCP preferences; massive intellectual property theft, and threats to cut off supply chains of Chinese products on which we depend, including rare earth elements and pharmaceuticals. Although the PRC has voted for UN sanctions against North Korea and Iran to inhibit their nuclear and missile programs, it is evident the PRC does not abide by these commitments and continues to be the main source of proliferation technology for Pakistan as well.

One would hope that such behavior would begin to make an impression on even the most besotted believers in the possibility of mutually beneficial U.S. cooperation with the PRC. Those Americans who signed the letter to the Washington Post last year urging President Trump not to “Make China an Enemy” surely should re-examine their thinking in light of continuing Chinese hostility toward the U.S. and other democracies unwilling to subjugate their own interests to those of the CCP.

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