US, Taiwan should engage in regular economic dialogue amid China threats: think tank

Such talks will help create a buffer for Taiwan in the face of Chinese pressure

Taiwan News
Date: 2018/11/15
By: Huang Tzu-ti, Taiwan News, Staff Writer


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The White House should seek to establish a high-level economic dialogue with Taiwan to foster a new strategic bilateral relationship beneficial to both sides while serving to counteract China’s mounting pressure on Taiwan, suggested a Washington-based think tank.

Riley Walters, a policy analyst on Asia Economy and Technology at The Heritage Foundation, has published a report proposing that the U.S. and Taiwan can engage in economic talks twice a year, wrote the Liberty Times in citing a report by Voice of America.

The talks will be conducive to developing robust trade ties and likewise, to some extent, offset the “non-market forces” from China, Walters argued. In turn, this will help to provide a buffer against reliance on China and boost consumer confidence for both the U.S. and Taiwan.

Expressing his concerns over insufficient focus on Taiwan by Washington when dealing with Sino-U.S. trade issues, the President of US-Taiwan Business Council, Rupert Hammond-Chambers, noted that the association has been urging the U.S. government to decouple its trade agenda for Taiwan from that of Beijing, the report quoted him.    [FULL  STORY]

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