US using Taiwan as ‘last card’ may only speed up reunification

PLA aircraft could fly over island if US invites Taiwan military for exercise: experts

Global Times
Date: 2020/6/30
By: Yang Sheng

A Chinese community in Los Angeles calls for reunification and protests Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen making a stopover in the US in August 2018. Photo: cnsphoto

As the US has been increasingly high-profile in demonstrating its illegal military cooperation with the island of Taiwan such as releasing on Monday rare footage showing joint training exercises between US and Taiwan forces on the island, on the same day, both Chinese and US military aircraft were seen in the airspace near the island of Taiwan. 

Chinese mainland experts noted that US President Donald Trump is probably helping the mainland speed up its reunification with Taiwan. 

Such a move of releasing rare footage on "joint military training" between US military and the island's military provides evidence that it was the US and the separatist authorities on the island that first changed the status quo and provoked the mainland; and if the mainland launches a military operation to reunify with Taiwan some day, the US and Taiwan will bear full responsibility, the experts noted.

"A promotional video featuring joint US-Taiwan military training has surfaced on social media – the first such footage to be seen, as these kinds of operations are usually deemed confidential," reported on Monday.    [FULL  STORY]

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