VIDEO: Birdwatcher spots endangered Mikado pheasant

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 24 April, 2020
By: Shirley Lin

Mikado pheasant, an endangered species

Mikado pheasant, an endangered species[/caption] The Mikado pheasant is one of Taiwan’s most beautiful bird species. But you’ll need a lot of luck to spot one in the wild. Recently, one birdwatcher had the unusual luck of spotting two.

The Mikado pheasant is an endangered species of bird endemic to Taiwan. With their numbers low, it’s only natural that they aren’t easy to spot.

That’s why it must have an unforgettable moment for one birdwatcher when he recently spotted both a male and a female in the mountains of Taichung as they were looking for food.

Even if you’re not a bird expert, you might find the bird a little bit familiar, at least if you’ve ever seen Taiwanese currency. That’s because an image of these birds is on every NT$1,000 bill.

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