VIDEO: COVID-19: Gov’t offers 10,000 jobs to unemployed temp workers

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 015 April, 2020
By: Shirley Lin

Labor ministry offers jobs for unemployed temp workers

Labor ministry offers jobs for unemployed temp workers[/caption] The COVID-19 outbreak is threatening many livelihoods in Taiwan, especially those of part-time workers. The labor ministry has stepped in with a solution.

The labor ministry is rolling out a plan to help part-time workers and those with atypical employment situations weather the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan kicks into gear this week.

On the first day of the plan, the ministry offered 10,000 temporary jobs to those in need. The hourly pay is NT$158 (US$5.25), with a maximum of 80 working hours per month. Takers can expect to earn up to NT$13,000 (US$433) a month for a total of six months.   [FULL  STORY]

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