VIDEO: COVID-19: Schools rehearse for upcoming entrance exams

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 01 May, 2020
By: Shirley Lin

Taking precautions on exam day

In just two weeks, high school entrance exams are set to go ahead across Taiwan as scheduled. But concerns about COVID-19 mean that this year’s exams will be a little different, and schools where the exams will be held are working to make sure they get everything right.

How do you hold an exam during a global pandemic? Very carefully. Taiwan’s high school entrance exam is fast approaching and some schools are holding drills to practice implementing safety measures so that COVID-19 doesn’t interfere.

To start with, students have their temperature taken at the entrance to the exam hall. For the first time, no parents will be allowed to accompany them.

Since this exam is only offered once a year, even students who do have a fever will be allowed to soldier on through. The only requirement is that they take the exam in a separate room reserved for sick students in which desks are spaced far apart.    [FULL  STORY]

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