VIDEO: Fishing is popular in Penghu during tourist off-season

Radio Taiwan International 
Date: 13 November, 2018
By: Shirley Lin

Though it is a slow season for tourism on the outlying island county of Penghu, one group of children had something to look forward to.

A group of middle school students had an outing of a different kind on Gaillardia Island, one of the islands of the Penghu archipelago. They each carried a fishing net or a small bamboo basket and walked towards the sea for their class. It was an on-site marine science class. Someone even caught a blow fish by accident.

The children learned how to catch fish. The little fishermen were nervous at first, but after a while they began to get the hang of their tackle and started catching fish. A teacher was on site to explain how to recognize different parts of a starfish.

Similar events are taking place throughout Penghu for adults and children alike. Not only can they try their hand at fishing, but also learn about marine life from a real expert.    [FULL  STORY]

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