VIDEO: Labor groups protest government policies on migrant workers

Radio Taiwan International
Date:04 March, 2020
By: Jake Chen

0Labor groups protest government policies on migrant workers. (CNA Photo)

0Labor groups protest government policies on migrant workers. (CNA Photo)[/caption] Labor rights groups are protesting against ramped-up government efforts to find migrant workers working illegally in Taiwan. The labor groups say that the push could harm efforts at containing the COVID-19 outbreak.

Several labor groups staged a protest outside the Cabinet on Wednesday after the labor ministry said that it will step up its search for undocumented migrant workers in Taiwan. The ministry says it will introduce a system of rewards for those who report illegal foreign workers.

The ministry says this push to find undocumented workers is meant to reduce the risk that they could spread COVID-19. However, Chen Hsiu-lien, an analyst from the Taiwan International Workers’ Association, says that the push will only serve to marginalize workers with illegal status.    [FULL  STORY]

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