VIDEO: List of “cancer-causing” foods not linked to gov’t: Health ministry

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 28 June, 2019
By: Leslie Liao

A list of carcinogenic foods that’s circulating social media is said to be fake\

A supposed list of “cancer-causing” foods has quickly attracted attention on social media. However, officials say that the list is not linked to the government.

Juicy hamburgers, crispy chicken, and savory beef noodles – all washed down with a nice refreshing tea. All are widely loved in Taiwan. But a list making the rounds of social media in Taiwan claims that these foods are leading causes of colorectal cancer. Hamburgers and coke, boxed lunches and bubble tea, and pot-stickers and soy-milk also top the list. Not even pasta or Korean fried chicken are safe.

The list allegedly comes from the health ministry, but cancer prevention official Lin Li-ju says that isn’t true. The health ministry did not create nor disseminate the list. Lin says the list may have come from a nutritionist trying to promote a balanced diet. Lin does say, however, that people in Taiwan dine-out often. She says that citizens should still careful about their nutritional intake.

The health ministry has published its own literature on what constitutes a balanced diet, all readily available on its website    [FULL  STORY]

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