VIDEO: Malaysian student presents Timelapse Taiwan

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 12 November, 2019
By: Natalie Tso

Malaysian student Feng Yeh-hui captures the beauty of Taiwan

A Malaysian student in Taiwan recently released Timelapse Taiwan, an amazing depiction of breathtaking scenery throughout Taiwan. Timelapse photographer Feng Yeh-hui spent four years trekking over 100,000 kilometers to produce this love letter to Taiwan before he left the country.

This is the sunrise at Hehuan Mountain…and the night sky, all captured by photographer, Malaysian student Feng Yeh-hui. 

While studying in Taiwan, Feng spent the past 4 years capturing Taiwan’s most beautiful scenery through time-lapse photography. "Before I leave Taiwan, I wanted to give something to Taiwan," Feng said. "I hope these works don’t just receive a lot of attention but rather leave a lasting impression on Taiwan’s people."

This is another beautiful sunrise Feng captured above fields of Asian knotweed in Nantou County and this is an amazing shot of the indigenous Talampo village in Hualien’s Fuli Township and a sea of cosmos in Taichung.    [FULL  STORY]

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