VIDEO: Offices disinfect hands, take temperatures as people return to work

Radiio Taiwan Inernational
Date: 03 February, 2020
By: Natalie Tso

People in Taipei wear masks as they return to work (CNA photo)

The news has been saturated with coverage of the coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan, China. As people return to work after the Lunar New Year holiday, many are worried that the disease could spread through Taiwan. Let’s take a look at what workplaces are doing to alleviate people’s anxieties.

Disinfecting hands, taking temperatures, and providing free masks. These are the precautions that workplaces are taking as people return to their jobs after the Lunar New Year holiday.

Online job service General Manager Liu Mei-kuei said that many managers went to work early to disinfect and to show employees they are serious about protecting them from the virus. Many companies have cancelled meetings and back-to-work prayers to prevent the spread of the virus. People participating in the ceremonies wear face masks.

Most people on the Taipei metro are also wearing face masks. And metro and Maokong Gondola employees have been required to wear them since January 24. They are also disinfecting ticket machines and handrails every 8 hours.    [FULL  STORY]

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