VIDEO: Old married couples realize dream of having a wedding photo shoot

Radio Taiwan International 
Date: 07 June, 2019
By: Shirley Lin

For five couples in Yunlin County, this is a big day. Decades after they got married, they are finally getting the chance to put on suits and wedding gowns and have some photos taken. All of these people are now in their 80’s and missed the chance to have a wedding photo shoot when they were first married.

A group of vocational students majoring in fashion has helped make it all possible. These students have made up the brides. For some of the old ladies, it was their very first time ever putting on makeup. The students also prepared bouquets of handmade roses for the occasion.

At the end, a photographer took pictures of the grooms kissing the brides on the cheeks with the red Meilin Suspension Bridge in the background. All were married long ago, but the wait for these wedding photos was worth it.    [FULL  STORY]

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