VIDEO: Pharmacies begin providing consultation services for travelers

Radiio Taiwan Internatiinal
Date: 19 July, 2019
By: Leslie Liao

Pharmacies are offering travelers free consultation services.

Pharmacies are offering travelers free consultation services.[/caption] Summer is peak travel season. However, when heading abroad, it’s not unusual to have some worries about staying healthy. Luckily, finding out what medications to bring with you has never been easier thanks to a new initiative by the Centers for Disease Control.

Summer vacation is in full swing, and that means people are scrambling to travel overseas. But going abroad isn’t without its risks. Aside from barriers, both linguistic and cultural, health is also a concern for anyone leaving the country.

Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control has teamed up with local pharmacy chains to provide travelers with consultation services on what kind of medications to prepare for an overseas trip. Travel blogger Ace Chen says it’s imperative for travelers to check the public health status of any country of they plan to visit. However, those in a hurry can simply ask a pharmacist for advice at any local pharmacy.

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