VIDEO: Public can now vote on name for new baby panda at Taipei Zoo

Radiio Taiwan Internatinal
Date: 18 August, 2020
By: Shirley Lin

Taipei Zoo’s new baby panda to be named soon!

Taipei Zoo's new baby panda to be named soon![/caption] The Taipei Zoo welcomed its second baby panda just a couple of months ago. Now she needs a name! The final six names for the public to vote on have come in – they are all very cute. Voting has begun and goes through August 26. 

Taipei Zoo’s new baby panda finally opened her eyes on her 47th day. That’s five days later than her older sister Yuan Zai did. The new cub also seems to be more sensitive than her sister because she makes noises when she’s uneasy. When she does, her mom Yuan Yuan will rush to cuddle her in her arms and comfort her.    [FULL  STORY]

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