.Video: Small monkey steals from sloth at Taipei Zoo

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 23 July, 2019
By: Natalie Tso

A sloth at the Taipei Zoo

A sloth at the Taipei Zoo[/caption] The Taipei Zoo opened a new Tropical Rainforest House this month which houses sloths, monkeys and rare animals. The Pangolin Dome took 13 years to build and is now giving the public many interesting sights to see. Check out the following video for one.

This small agile monkey, a cotton-head tamarin, is enjoying a refreshing tomato on a hot summer day. But he stole it from his neighbor… a sloth at the Taipei Zoo’s new Tropical Rainforest House.

The sloth was too slow to get it back from the tamarin.  Yes, sloths are just about as slow as the civil servant sloth seen in the movie Zootopia. The monkeys have figured out that they’re the perfect neighbor to steal from.

Taipei Zoo Spokesperson Chao Hsian-shao said that sweet food is tempting. The animals compete for them. Taiwan fruit is very sweet so actually they shouldn’t eat too much.     [FULL  STORY]

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