Video: Some clinics begin administering flu shots

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 01 October, 2020
By: John Van Trieste

If you’re sick of stories about viruses and disease, then we’re afraid we have some bad news for you. As if months of COVID-19 weren’t enough, now, flu season is just about upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere. The silver lining? Taiwan’s clinics are prepared, and some have already started giving flu shots.

COVID-19 vaccines may still be far away, but if you’re worried about getting sick, there’s still one thing you can do: get a flu shot.

Doctors warn that due to the nature of the viruses involved in COVID-19 and the flu, it can be hard to tell what you’ve come down with if you fall ill. There’s even a risk of double infection!

In Taiwan, a fair number of people are heading this warning. Though publically-funded flu shots won’t be available until October 5, some clinics are letting those willing to pay out of pocket get their shots now. It only costs around US$35 per person.    [FULL  STORY]

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