VIDEO: Tainan opens a vocational training center for stray dogs

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 05 November, 2019
By: Paula Chao

The southern city of Tainan has opened a vocational training center for stray dogs. Since it was set up by the city in April, the center has offered training to hundreds of strays and found jobs for them.

This is Niu-niu, a police dog whose job is to patrol a neighborhood in the southern city of Tainan. Niu-niu  does a pretty good job. But she not only helps the police, she also enjoys playing with children.

Tainan’s vocational pet training center trains stray dogs like Niu Niu. Holding up two fingers like this means “bark twice”. Once they’re trained, they can become campus dogs or guard dogs, depending on their personality.

Dog trainer Huang Lien-fa said it takes half a month for strays to learn simple commands.

This dog is learning to sit on command.     [FULL  STORY]

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