VIDEO: Taiwan to hold minced pork rice festival

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 07 August, 2019
By: Shirley Lin

A sample of minced pork rice set meal

A sample of minced pork rice set meal[/caption] There are many local dishes that tourists must taste when they visit Taiwan. But few come higher recommended than braised minced pork over rice. The dish is so popular that Taiwan is celebrating it with a festival- and not for the first time, either.

Lu Rou Fan which literally translates into “braised meat rice” is considered a national dish of Taiwan. It is made by boiling marinated minced pork in soy sauce and then serving it over steamed rice. The economics ministry announced on Tuesday that it will hold another lu rou fan festival this year with 142 restaurants set to take part. Ten of them will be chosen to promote their version of the dish to tourists.

Different chefs have come up with creative ways to spice up their dishes. These include adding thousand year eggs or stinky tofu into the mix. But one of the most creative new twists on this classic dish involves fresh, plump oysters. Fu Bo-han of A Yi Lu Rou Fan is the creator of this new take on the dish. Fu says minced meat tends to become dry after cooking for too long, but oysters are only cooked to order, so they stay fresh and juicy on top of the hot rice.    [SOURCE]

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