VIDEO: Taiwan wins five medals at Asian wake surfing competition

Radio Taiwan International 
Date: 20 November, 2018
By: John Van Trieste

Champion Taiwanese wake surfers and wake boarders celebrate their achievements at this year’s Wakefest Singapore event.

Taiwanese athletes have come home with five medals from a wake surfing and wake boarding competition in Singapore. Members of Taiwan’s team are now home and gearing up for next year.

Taiwan made a strong showing at this year’s Wakefest Singapore, an Asian wake surfing and wake boarding competition held over the weekend. All five of Taiwan’s athletes brought home a medal. At the final count, Taiwan had won two gold medals, one silver medal, and two bronzes.

Each event requires dedication and training, but also the ability to perform under pressure. Competitors had just a little over a minute to perform an array of jumps, spins, and other difficult maneuvers.

With 16 countries represented at this year’s competition, Taiwan’s wins are a good chance to stand out internationally. One gold medal winner says the team’s hope for next year is to keep raising the profile of Taiwanese wake boarding and wake surfing.

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