VIDEO: US State Department approves sale of Harpoon missiles to Taiwan

Radio Taiwan International
Date: .28 October, 2020
By: Natalie Tso

Harpoon missiles

Harpoon missiles[/caption] The US State Department has approved another package of weapons for Taiwan. This time it's harpoon missiles. This is the fourth such arms package in a week. 

The US State Department on Monday gave the go-ahead to the sale of 100 Harpoon Coastal Defense Systems to Taiwan, with a price tag of US$2.37 billion. The package still has to be approved by Congress.

The Defense Ministry spokesperson thanked the US State Department, saying that the weapons can strengthen Taiwan’s combat and asymmetrical warfare capabilities. He said they will help upgrade the military's overall defense capabilities.

The new arms package includes 100 Harpoon missiles worth US$2.37 billion.   [FULL  STORY]

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