Voluntary military recruitment in Taiwan going well: Defense Ministry

Asia One
Date: Jul 22, 2015

TAIPEI – The ongoing military recruitment drive is going smoothly as more than 20,000

Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

Taiwanese youths have applied to join the R.O.C. Armed Forces so far this year, the Ministry of National Defence (MND) announced yesterday.

According to statistics released by the MND, a total of 23,599 men and women applied to join the Taiwan military between January and July 16 this year.

The MND ultimately recruited 9,939 of the applicants, said Major General Liu Ching-chung of the MND’s Human Resources Division during a news briefing yesterday.

The number of recruits means the MND has reached 70 per cent of its pre-set annual recruitment goal this year, Liu added.

Meanwhile, of the 3,803 voluntary soldiers who were scheduled to be discharged this year, 2,592 of them, or 68 per cent, decided to extend their service.     [FULL  STORY]

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