Vouchers keep post offices on their toes

BUSY DAY: Between 8:30am and 10am, 1,299 post offices distributed 166,000 packets of Triple Stimulus Vouchers, with staff handling an average of 1.6 packets per minute

Taipei Times
Date: Jul 16, 2020
By: Shelley Shan / Staff reporter

Photo: CNA

A total of 701,408 packets of Triple Stimulus Vouchers were claimed at post offices nationwide on the first day of voucher collections, Chunghwa Post Co (中華郵政) said yesterday.

The company had an emergency response team on hand in case there were any unruly situations.

Chunghwa Post chairman Wu Hung-mo (吳宏謀) said that he had inspected five to six post offices yesterday morning.

The system froze between 9:49am and 10:02am due to a shortage of bandwidth, and postal service personnel had to temporarily process requests for vouchers offline, but aside from that, the first day of collections generally went smoothly, he said.    [FULL  STORY]

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