Waking up to a new workweek

The China Post
Date: January 3, 2017
By: Kuan-lin Liu

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Upset reactions to the “one fixed day off, one flexible day off” policy have flooded local

A quick look at how the new workweek could affect staff in key sectors

and social media, with business owners complaining that the new holiday regulations have forced them to hike prices.

The policy, which came into force on Dec. 23, guarantees workers one flexible day off and one fixed day off a week, with employees paid double to triple their regular salary if they choose to work on a flexible day off.

Businesses React

But businesses have said that they would pass on the rise in costs associated with the new policy to consumers, with a spate of retailers announcing price hikes.

Fried dumpling chain 8 Way (八方雲集) said it would raise prices by an average of 10 percent starting Jan. 1.

8 Way spokesman Hung Wen-bing (洪文彬) told local media the firm had “never raised its prices due to cost increases since its founding in 1998.” But the burden of the new policy had compelled what he called a “reaction to the pressures of increasing costs.”    [FULL  STORY]

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