Water department discloses turbidity data periodically

Taiwan News
Date: 2015-09-27
By: Ko Lin, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

As Typhoon Dujuan prepares to make landfall, the Taipei Water Department said it will

Water dept. discloses turbidity data periodically.  Central News Agency

Water dept. discloses turbidity data periodically. Central News Agency

publicly disclose water turbidity level in the greater Taipei metropolitan area every three hours beginning Sunday.

According to the water department’s Director Chen Chin-hsiang, the water murkiness level for Xindian River is currently measured at 50 nephelometric turbidity units (NTU).

“The public can be rest assured that the city’s drinking water remains safe and is not affected by the current rain,” Chen said.

Residents in northern Taiwan have expressed worry that the coming typhoon will affect drinking water as witnessed during Typhoon Soudelor in early August, where water have turned murky for over a week. At the time, the turbid water reached as high as 39,000 NTUs.

As a newly-implemented standard of procedure, Chen said the department will periodically update turbidity measurements from all three of its water purification plants in the greater Taipei area, including its Jhitan treatment plants in Xindian, Chunghsin and Gongguan.     [FULL  STORY]

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