WHA missing out, health workers say

A LOT TO OFFER:Taiwan has one of the best health-insurance systems worldwide and if leaders care about health, they should let the nation to attend, a doctor said

Taipei Times
Date: May 11, 2017
By: Lee I-chia / Staff reporter

Representatives from 15 healthcare associations yesterday announced a joint statement, urging the WHO to formally invite Taiwan to attend the upcoming World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva, Switzerland, this month.

“WHA needs Taiwan, Taiwan needs WHA,” healthcare professionals chanted at a news conference in Taipei yesterday morning, at which they strongly expressed their desire to contribute their professional skills to the world and not to be left out of global health issues.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare on Tuesday confirmed that Taiwan had not yet received an official invitation to attend the WHA this year, after eight years of being invited as an observer under the name “Chinese Taipei.”

“On behalf of nearly 300,000 professionals in 15 healthcare associations, we express deep disappointment over the situation,” Taiwan Medical Association president Chiu Tai-yuan (邱泰源) said. “As active participants in the global healthcare community, we have much to give.”    [FULL  STORY]

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