What a time to be in Taiwan!

Taiwan might be shy, but make no mistake — it has much to be proud of

Date: 27 Mar, 2019
By: Michael Gregg

It’s exciting to be spending time in a country bursting with such astonishing potential.

Taiwan is nimbly reforming itself from mass commodity producer to high-end creator, profiting from the fast-rising margins that market leadership delivers. Despite short-term fluctuations, its economy is enjoying sustained benefits arising from democratic freedom and decades of economic growth.

This transformation has occurred after a bleak, unspoken era of martial law that only ended in 1987 after almost four decades; the longest imposition by a regime anywhere in the world over that period.

Taiwan now walks on the world stage with a quiet-almost-shy confidence, but the swagger of adolescence is unmistakable in this country’s collective stride.

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