What next for Hong Kong protesters left in limbo in Taiwan?

South China Morning Post
Date: 13 Sep, 2019
By: Mimi Lau  

  • Most of those who fled the city have returned while others staying on the island get by with a little help from local friends, sources say
  • No protesters have taken up offer of financial help, Taiwanese church says

A pastor in Taiwan says not all of the protesters fleeing from Hong Kong were involved in the storming of the Legislative Council on July 1. Photo: Antony Dickson

Most of the young Hong Kong protesters who fled to Taiwan after storming the city’s legislature in July have returned to Hong Kong, with others wondering what their next step in exile will be.

Two Taiwan-based supporters told the South China Morning Post that most of those who left returned to Hong Kong before the start of the academic year while some of those remaining on the island were getting by without official help.

In July, Taiwanese activists said that up to 30 people involved in protests against a now-withdrawn extradition bill had arrived in Taiwan while another 30 were expected to follow. But the lack of refugee legislation on the island meant there was little hope of applicants succeeding in a claim for asylum.

Huang Chun-sheng, head pastor of the Che-Lam Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, began offering accommodation and financial help to fleeing protesters in July, and so far the church is the only one to say publicly that it is offering assistance.    [FULL  STORY]

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