When artists and farmers meet

Lovely Taiwan Foundation continues its work of reviving the country’s towns and villages by bringing an artistic vibe to the farming village of Chihshang

Taipei Times
Date: May 27, 2015
By: Ho Yi  /  Staff reporter

Rice, biandang (boxed meal, 便當) and, more recently, the Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城

Lovely Taiwan Foundation has been organizing an annual autumn harvest concert in Chihshang since 2009.  Photo courtesy of Lovely Taiwan Foundation

A couple of businesses in Chihshang have painted their storefronts with colorful murals. Photo courtesy of Lovely Taiwan Foundation

武) tree are usually what come to mind when one thinks of Taitung County’s Chihshang Township (池上). But if a plan to attract artists goes well, several years from now, the idyllic farming village will come to be known as an artist commune where painters, musicians, writers and other creative types live in harmony with their rural neighbors amid vast rice fields.


The Lovely Taiwan Foundation (台灣好基金會), founded in 2009 to revive the country’s small towns and villages, officially launched the artist-in-residence program in Chihshang earlier this month. The organization has been doing work in Chihshang for the past six years, most notably the annual autumn harvest concert featuring performances by top-notch artists such as Cloud Gate Dance Theatre (雲門舞集), U-Theater group (優人神鼓) and A-Mei (張惠妹).

Many of Chihshang’s houses have long been vacant due to residents moving to bigger cities in search of a better life. Two such farmhouses have been renovated as lodging for artists. And an old dormitory at Chihshang Junior High School (池上國中) is now the home and studio of literary icon and painter Chiang Hsun (蔣勳), the project’s chief adviser and first artist-in-residence.     [FULL  STORY]

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