Wide support for pension reform: poll

QUICK RESPONSE:The Taiwan Style Foundation conducted the survey on Thursday and Friday, following the government’s announcement of its package of reform plans

Taipei Times
Date: Jan 24, 2017
By: Chen Wei-han / Staff reporter

Almost three-quarters of the public thinks the nation’s pension system needs to be

Democratic Progressive Party Legislator Lo Chih-cheng, left, and Taiwan Style Foundation chief executive Hung Yao-nan brief reporters in Taipei yesterday on the results of an opinion poll on pension reform. Photo: Chu Pei-hsiung, T2aipei Times

reformed, and almost as many like the idea of immediate reforms, a poll released yesterday by the Taiwan Style Foundation found.

The foundation said that 70.3 percent of respondents thought reforms were needed and 64.9 percent backed immediate reforms, while 14.1 percent of respondents said the pension system does not need to be reformed.

Even more respondents (73.2 percent) voiced support for the government’s goal of “keeping the pension funds afloat for at least a generation,” while 63 percent said they agreed with the government’s aim to ensure a pension system that can afford stable and long-term payments, the foundation said.    [FULL  STORY]

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