Wife of jailed activist blocked from boarding flight

Radio Taiwan International
Date: 2018-01-30

The wife of a Taiwanese democracy activist jailed in China was blocked on Tuesday

Lee Ching-yu, the wife of a Taiwanese democracy activist jailed in China, holds up a notification she received from a Chinese prison while at Taoyuan International Airport on Tuesday. (CNA Photo)

from boarding a flight to visit him.

Lee Ching-yu planned to take a flight from Taiwan to Changsha. But the airline, Xiamen Air, did not let her board, saying she lacked the valid permit to enter China.

Lee’s husband, Lee Ming-che, was last year sentenced to five years for “subverting state power.” He had traveled to China to share Taiwan’s experience of democratic transition with local friends.

Lee Ching-yu was holding a letter saying she would be allowed to visit her husband in prison. However, her permit to travel to China was revoked by Chinese authorities in April last year. Lee said she knew she was likely to be denied boarding but said she wanted to “demonstrate the attitude of a family member of a political prisoner.”


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