‘Winnie the Pooh’ vs. ‘Tsai-englishit’ Is the Difference Between China and Taiwan

A coffee shop chat about two recent controversies over speech targeting two very different leaders.

The News Lens
Date: 2019/03/01

This article first appeared on the Chinese-language Taiwan edition of The News Lens and can be found here.

“Have you been playing ‘Devotion’?” asks Girl A. “It’s been so popular recently!”

Girl B smiles and shakes her head. “I don’t play video games much, but I have seen it, although I also get motion sickness from the 3D graphics, so I didn’t finish watching the video. I do, however, think that the look and feel of the game is great, very artistic and it captures the atmosphere of the times very elegantly.”

“I don’t really play games either,” says Girl A, “but because I have watched someone play the company’s previous game ‘Detention,’ and thought that it was great, I still went on Steam and bought a copy to help support the company.”

“However,” she continues, “I recently heard that a poster of a cursed talisman appears inside the game, which was discovered to have the words ‘Xi Jinping, Winnie the Pooh’ in the seal stamp, along with words in Taiwanese dialect that roughly translate to ‘(Your) mom’s a moron,’ so it got a lot of negative press and was review bombed by Chinese netizens. There were some game play videos from China before, but I cannot find any of them at all now.”   [FULL  STORY]

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