Word on the Street: Is Taiwan’s dog and cat meat ban really necessary?

The China Post
Date: April 15, 2017
With: Enru Lin

Relatively few people are eating dog, like I feel that people don’t really have this

Tim & Lisa, German tourists about to leave Taiwan (The China Post)

problem. But it is OK to have the law. I don’t think it hurts.

It does feel restrictive though. I think the relationship between the people and the government is like a child-parent relationship, and no matter what rules they give you, you will feel a bit rebellious. It doesn’t matter what rule it is, this will be always the case. The government can educate the people, no matter what, but they need to state their reasoning.

Tim & Lisa, German tourists about to leave Taiwan

Tim: (If this happened in Germany, I would think) the government may be doing too much in this respect.

Lisa: Great last day (for us), great news! Probably if a stranger heard about this, the stranger would think you had been eating cats and dogs.    [FULL  STORY]

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