Yanshuei Beehive Fireworks Festival kicks off two-day bombardment tour

Taiwan News
Date: 2016-02-21
By: George Liao, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

The annual Yanshuei Beehive Fireworks Festival opened fireworks and 6736728sssslaunched the war god’s palanquin at the Yanshui Martial Temple on Sunday morning to start a two-day tour of receiving firecracker bombardments along the streets of Yangshuei District, Tainan City.

Firecrackers will be fired from “beehive artillery fortresses” or “Yanshuei firecracker walls” set up by the faithful and store owners.

After Tainan Deputy Mayor Yen Chun-tso presided over the fireworks opening ceremony and paid his respects to Guan Di, the god of war; two lines of firecrackers dangling from a remote control helicopter were fired and the god’s palanquin was heaved to begin the tour of blessing around the district and receiving bombardments.

Yanshui Martial Temple manager Lin Yi-ren said more than 200 beehive artillery fortresses will be fired on Feb. 21 and 22, with the main artillery fortress and a total of 600,000 firecrackers being set off at the Tainan Municipal Yanshuei Junior High School from 9 P.M. on Monday, the day of Lantern Festival.     [FULL  STORY]

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