Yanshui Fireworks Festival to kick off Sunday

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2016/02/20
By: Chang Jung-hsiang and Y.F. Low

Taipei, Feb. 20 (CNA) The annual Yanshui Fireworks Festival will begin in 201602200016t0001Tainan Sunday and culminate on Monday, the day of the Lantern Festival.

It is estimated that 200 “walls” (racks) each stocked with thousands of bottle rockets will be launched horizontally into crowds of onlookers during the two-day religious event.

Visitors can watch the fireworks from a safe location or get in close to experience the excitement of being shot by ear-splitting bottle rockets.

Tainan’s fire department, however, reminded visitors who want to venture near the fireworks to dress in full protective gear.       [FULL  STORY]

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