Young Entrepreneur Who Was Once Plagued by Illness Regains Her Health Through Meditation

Epoch Times
Date}: March 14, 2020
By: Jocelyn Neo

Chiang Wan-Yun, the co-founder of “Cultivator,” a Taiwanese health drink. (©

A childhood prank ended up wreaking havoc in the life of a first-year junior high school student in Taiwan, leaving her to struggle with unbearable pain in the years that followed. Nevertheless, upon seeing Chiang Wan-Yun’s radiant smile today, no one can tell what this young woman lived through in her teen years.

Chiang—who is now the co-founder of “Cultivator,” a Taiwanese health drink—had to quit school in her third year of high school following her illness and overwhelming pain. However, a fortunate turn of events led her to regain health and find her life purpose.

“Thanks to fate! I not only got my health back but also learned the meaning of life,” she told    [FULL  STORY]

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