CTFA bullish as TFPL viewing figures increase

Taipei Times
Date: May 21, 2020
By: Jason Pan / Staff reporter

Global interest in the Taiwan Football Premier League (TFPL) amid global COVID-19 lockdowns that have left soccer fans bereft of live action is good news for the league and Taiwanese players, CTFA general secretary Fang Ching-jen says.

“The government and Taiwanese took the coronavirus outbreak seriously and followed disease prevention measures rigorously so that Taiwan could shine on the world stage. Because of these effective policies and actions, it was possible for Taiwan’s top soccer leagues, both men’s and women’s, to start the season on time. Therefore we have an opportunity for many nations to learn more about the development of soccer in Taiwan,” Fang told the Taipei Times at the weekend.

“Clubs in both the men’s and women’s top leagues have signed more foreign players in recent years, and they have taken up vital roles and boosted the level of play. We are delighted that the international community is taking more of an interest in Taiwan, and also in our soccer leagues,” Fang said.

The CTFA is very willing to share with other nations its experiences getting the soccer season started, such as the preparation of stadiums, and disease prevention measures for players, coaches and match officials, given that other professional leagues in Europe, Asia and elsewhere are preparing to resume later this month or next month, Fang said.    [FULL  STORY]

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