2020 Intelligent Business Innovation Forum and Achievement Performance

Testimony of the Enterprise for Digital Transformation

Taiwan News
Date: 2020/11/30
By: Taiwan News

The Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Economic Affairs is committed to assisting the Enterprises to transform and upgrade, helping them to master the early opportunities in rapidly changing environment. Today(26th) there is 2020 Intelligent Business Innovation Forum and Performance hosted in NTUH International Convention Center. The main theme is “Insight For Future Intelligent Business Opportunities.” Experts of each field are invited to share experiences, many manufactures demonstrate on-site attracting more than 418 industry-university-research professionals to participate this event.

The achievement performance presents of the Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Economic Affairs cooperated with the Retail Industry and Logistics Industry with applicating Intelligent Technology in the past year: through the "Intelligent Business Lion" marketing platform, to assist retail service providers in precise marketing, connecting 6,911 stores across Taiwan, Driven 98.86 million NT dollars in revenue; on the field of Intelligent Logistics, coached 12 logistics enterprises to use AI and mobile technology, assist 50 companies in the application of Cold Chain temperature control technolog and facilitate cooperation with 21 domestic and foreign logistics enterprises to successfully improve storage, transportation, distribution efficiency and lower the management costs, also support the sales of products to overseas such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the United States, and Japan.

In the breakout forums, there are the Service Systems Technology Center of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Taiwan Cold Chain Association, AQUASTAR H2O and iAmech Technology that discuss new trends in logistics technology, the National Southbound Policy Cold Chain Team, the information and logistics of Cross-Border Ecommerce, Intelligent Warehousing and other related topics; in Retail field, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, Reddoor Media, Far Eastern Big City, Liang Shing EcLife share the idea about the turning point of the Intelligent Retail during the coronavirus crisis, marketing technology, AI Intelligent Retail Personal Shopping System and technology trends in retail; additionally, in the field of Service Innovation, there are Hi-Life International, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, G-das Technology and Yallvend sharing the ideas about the new trends of Logistics Automation for Retail, the future of In-Store Pick Up, the applications of intelligent Pick Up, intelligent vending machine related hot topics.    [FULL  STORY]

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