23% of people in industrial, service sectors got raises in 2014

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/05/29
By: Chen Cheng-wei, Zoe Wei and Scully Hsiao

Taipei, May 29 (CNA) Some 23.5 percent of the people in Taiwan’s industrial and 201505290027t0001service sectors saw their wages increase in 2014, a much needed boost for the nation’s workforce as they face stagnant wages and rising costs, official data showed Friday.

Among those who received more pay, 36.3 percent got raises in the form of increases in their regular salaries, higher than the 23.5 percent in 2012 and 27.2 percent in 2013, but lower than the 36.7 percent in 2011, according to a survey by Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics.

According to the survey, 15.8 percent of the businesses that gave raises gave them across-the-board, while 7.7 percent gave them only to some of their employees.

Of the raises, 6.9 percent were less than 3 percent, followed by 6.7 percent, which were between 3 to 6 percent.     [FULL  STORY]

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