3 Chinese pickpockets nabbed after stealing NT$100,000 in Taiwan

Three Chinese pickpockets caught after stealing NT$100,000 mainly from Japanese while in Taiwan on tourist visas

Taiwan News
Date: 2017/07/24
By: Keoni Everington, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Three Chinese nationals pickpockets have been caught after

Chinese pickpockets caught in act on CCTV. (By Central News Agency)

pilfering NT$100,000 (US$3,280) from unwitting, mainly Japanese, tourists, during a recent stay in Taiwan on tourist visas, police announced on Friday.

All in their 50s, the three middle-aged men surnamed Liao (廖), Yang (楊), and Gao (高), had come to Taiwan several times from Guilin, in Guangxi Province since 2016 on tourist visas, and primarily targeted Japanese tourists, the police said.

Police received a tip-off that the the trio had been coming to Taiwan for 10-day stints and had most recently entered on July 6.    [FULL  STORY]

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