China’s DF31-AG missile enhances target range and accuracy: expert

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2017/07/24
By: Stanley Cheung and Elizabeth Hsu

Hong Kong, July 24 (CNA) China recently reported on the most recent upgrade to its Dongfeng (East Wind, 東風) ballistic missile series, codenamed DF-31AG, which Hong Kong-based military analyst Leung Kwok-leung (梁國樑) believes has improved range and targeting precision.

A report published on Monday in the military news section of, a Chinese online media network (portal), carries several photos of the DF-31AG missile, introducing it as an improved version of the DF-31A.

Leung told CNA that based on China’s latest system of assigning numbers to missiles, the letter “A” represents nuclear warhead, “B” means regular warhead and “G” refers to an improved version.    [FULL  STORY]

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