5 things to look for when riding tour buses: MOTC

Ministry of Transportation and Communications official’s five point safety list for riding tour buses

Taiwan News
Date: 2017/03/08
By: Judy Lin, Taiwan News, Staff Reporter

Taipei (Taiwan News)—Liu Yun-chu (劉韻珠), a member of the road safety committee at

Aftermath of Feb. 14 tour bus crash. (By Central News Agency)

the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) compiled a simple five-point tour bus safety checklist at a press conference to promote travel safety awareness week on Tuesday.

A string of tragic tour bus accidents in recent years awakened Taiwan’s public to the risks associated with one-day bus tours, and the public can use Liu’s simple checklist to ensure a safer trip on tour buses:

  1. Keep seat belts fastened at all times.
  2. Check if there are two functioning fire extinguishers on the bus.
  3. Every bus should be equipped with three hammers for breaking emergency exit windows.
  4. In case of an emergency, break the four corners of the exit window. Check beforehand if the emergency exit window is made with reinforced glass, as laminated glass will be the most difficult to destroy.
  5. Check whether emergency exits of the tour bus are still functioning.




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