Asian Art Biennial ‘Artist Making Movement’ kicks off at NTMoFA

Taiwan News
Date: 2015-09-21
By: Huang Hui-yu, Taiwan News, Staff Writer

Curated by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA), the 2015 Asian Art Biennial

Asian Art Biennial ‘Artist Making Movement’ kicks off at NTMoFA.  Taiwan News

Asian Art Biennial ‘Artist Making Movement’ kicks off at NTMoFA. Taiwan News

officially opened on September 19. This year’s theme is Artist Making Movement, reflecting on the restlessness and instability observed in Asia today and the trend with artists taking action via art to break away from current conditions. Artists are getting involved in society and using their individual values to actively respond to the new era.

The curator, Iris Shu-Ping Huang, indicated that due to contemporary globalized socioeconomic developments, Asia has become a mobile cultural concept, with migrating population, fluid capital, and impacts from different cultures. Take the current Syrian refugee issue in Europe and even the new immigrant and migrant worker around us for example, Asian countries’ external relations and internal irony will continue to be self-challenged, which reforms moving boarders, revealing that Asia’s reality and cultural perspective are facing expansion and separation.

This biennial includes 28 sets of contributing artists from 17 different Asian regions/countries, with artworks dealing with Asia’s current institutional, human rights, and other problems amidst its moving boarders. With increasingly frequent and intense socioeconomic developments and cross-border relations within Asian countries and transnationally, these shifting exchanges are drastically challenging preceding viewpoints and order, and a mobile state with aligning thoughts and actions has become an assertive approach for dealing with the current reality. Problems and the creative environment in Asia faced by artists are cross-cultural and exist in a cultural domain composed of a plethora of divergences.     [FULL  STORY]

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