Greenpeace hails Taiwan’s decision to sanction boat for shark finning

Focus Taiwan
Date: 2015/09/22
By: Yang Shu-min and Evelyn Kao

Taipei, Sept. 21 (CNA) The Greenpeace on Monday recognized Taiwan for its decision to call back a fishing boat for illegally shark finning in the Pacific and to suspend its license between one month and one year pending on the results of coming investigation.

Fay Lee (李芳怡), a senior communications officer of Greenpeace East Asia, said however that Greenpeace discovered the illegally harvested shark fins on the Shuen De Ching No.888, were estimated to weigh 95kg, more than the 75kg previously estimated.

The Greenpeace said it discovered the shark fins were taken from at least 42 shark carcasses — though only three carcasses had been recorded in the ship’s log.

The shark species include blue shark, scalloped hammerhead, silky shark and porbeagle shark. Most of the sharks were listed on the IUCN red list of threatened species.     [FULL  STORY]

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